Patrick Lawrence

Patrick Lawrence

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Username * Sulla
Country * USA
City North Texas


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The oldest of 2 children I was born March 26 1970 in the small town of Cleburne Texas. I discovered drawing early and created untold images of spaceships, castles and other
things my very fertile imagination dreamed up. I spent many a happy summer exploring the woods at the end of the deadend road we lived on.Later I developed an interest in art history and history of all kinds. I spent as much time as I could finding books at the local libraries and book stores as I was growing up. I also continued my drawing and painting mainly being self taught.

After high school I decided to by myself a computer, a blazingly fast DX2-66. This was the first computer I ever had that would let me work with photo quality images and it was a revelation. After working with images on this computer it started a long path of new toys. I soon had scanners, graphics tablets, more software and its never ending.

At some point I decided to make art my carrier as its the thing I enjoy doing most and that I have the most talent at. I can see myself growing old making art. I also decided to give the talent to God and to only use it for projects that I can feel good about.


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